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  • A Single baby : orangutan is born after an eight-month pregnancy : the mother is alone in her nest when she gives birth. Orangutans rarely hane twins, and even when they do, one or both of the infans is likely to die.
  • To 12 months : the new-born orangutan is carried everywhere by his or her mother during its fist year. Although its teeth begin to form at around four months, the infant eats little or no solid food and relies solely on its mothers’ milk for nutrition.
  • From 3 year : the infant begins to foragefo food, sampling what its mother is eating, however, it will continue to suckle until five or six year of age. When travelling through the canopy, it still clings to its mother.
  • From 5 years : the juvenile orangutan at this age remains with is mother, but it is no longer wholly dependent upon her. At this age, it is still difficult to distinguish between male and females.
  • 6 to 8 year : by now the adolescent orangutan is making its own nests is which to sleep. Its mother is likely to have given birth again and the first born begins ti spend more time apart from her.
  • From 9 year : having become independent of its mother the adolescent enters sub-adulthood. A sub-adult female may live in an area of forest close to her mother’s home range, but a male will move father away, beginning a period of what is known as sub-adult wandering. Although they may occasionally meet other orangutans, most of the males will live solitary existence.
  • 12 to 15 years : female give birth
  • for the first time. From now on, a female will usually be accompanied by one or two of her affspring.
  • 15 to 20 : male orangutans enter adulthood; develop cheek pads and gain a lot of weight.
  • To 45 : in the wild, orangutans are thought to live into their.

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