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Tanjung Puting is famous for its extraordinary natural beauty. One of the main attractions of Tanjung Puting is the ORANGUTAN TOUR which attracts many tourists from within and outside the country. ORANGUTAN TOUR in Tanjung Puting presents a unique and in-depth experience for visitors who want to see firsthand the life of orangutans in their natural habitat. You can see the life cycle of orangutans here.

 Orangutans are endemic primates in Indonesia which are a symbol of our country’s natural wealth. In Tanjung Puting, we can see orangutans interacting directly in the pristine wild nature. With views of green mangrove forests and calm flowing rivers, ORANGUTAN TOUR in Tanjung Puting provides an unforgettable experience for anyone who visits it.

One of the best places to see orangutans in Tanjung Puting is Tanjung Harapan. Here, we can watch orangutans playing, eating and interacting with the surrounding environment. The rangers on duty at Tanjung Harapan will provide an explanation about the lives of orangutans and the conservation efforts made to protect this rare species.

Apart from Cape of Good Hope, we can also visit Camp Leakey which is the oldest orangutan research center in the world. Here, we can learn more about orangutan behavior and habits from the experts who work there. Apart from that, we can also see the orangutan rehabilitation process carried out by the research team and volunteers at Camp Leakey.


ORANGUTAN TOUR in Tanjung Puting also provides an opportunity for visitors to participate in conservation activities such as tree planting and wildlife monitoring. By participating in this activity, we can play a role in preserving forests and wildlife in Tanjung Puting.

Not only that, ORANGUTAN TOUR in Tanjung Puting also offers the experience of staying in a traditional stilt house located on the river bank. By staying in a house on stilts, we can experience the life of local people and feel the enchanting natural peace around us.

For nature and wildlife lovers, orangutan tourism in Tanjung Puting is a must-visit destination. With its stunning natural beauty and unique experience of seeing orangutans in person, Tanjung Puting offers an unforgettable adventure for anyone who comes there.

So, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Tanjung Puting and experience the natural wonder and warmth of orangutans in their natural habitat. ORANGUTAN TOUR in Tanjung Puting will provide a different and in-depth experience that we will not find anywhere else. Come on, make Tanjung Puting your next holiday destination, see our packages here, and enjoy the natural beauty and biodiversity offered by this tourist destination.

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