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Boat tourism / klotok is, nature tourism which is one of the special interest tours for tourists who want to enjoy a tour that is different from others.

where this tour is a unique tour in Kalimantan, precisely in a National Park known as Tanjung Puting National Park, in this tour you will be prepared a boat or known in Kalimantan as Klotok,and Klotok Becomes a Houseboat on the tour you will be accompanied by several klotok crews:

  1. The captain of Klotok : is the one who serves as, klotok controller, which will control klotok during the tour.
  2. Assistant captain : is a person who is tasked with assisting the Klotok captain.
  3. Cook  : preparing food, for tourists.
  4. Guide : serves as a tour guide who will take tourists to the location, see orangutans.
So on this tour you will be accompanied by a team at klotok who will serve you during the tour.
For sleeping equipment, tourists do not need to worry, because it has been prepared in the klotok, where a mattress will be prepared on the boat, complete with mosquito nets.
For bathing, we have prepared a toilet in the klotok, and also a shower and Klotok Becomes a Houseboat, For that, enjoy this tour and invite your family. You will enjoy an experience that you will not forget for the rest of your life.

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