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Tanjung Puting National Park is a national park located on the southwest peninsula of the province of Central Kalimantan.

Tanjung Puting was originally a nature reserve and wildlife reserve with a total area of ​​305,000 ha which was designated by the Dutch East Indies government on June 13, 1936. Then on May 12, 1984 by the Minister of Forestry, Tanjung Puting was designated as a National Park with an area of ​​415,040 ha.

Geographically, it is located between 2°35′-3°20′ latitude and 111°50′-112°15′ east longitude covering the Kumai sub-district in West Kotawaringin and in the Hanau and Seruyan Hilir sub-districts in Seruyan district.
The West Kotawaringin government has prepared land in the utilization zone within the area with an area of ​​14,000 ha for the development and construction of tourist facilities.
West Kotawaringin Regency with its capital Pangkalan Bun, located in Central Kalimantan Province, has a charming natural beauty with a fairly large area of ​​tropical forest, there are a variety of interesting wildlife to see. This district is rich in natural beauty and some of it is still untouched by humans. The diversity of natural beauty fascinates everyone who visits this district because some of the forest areas in West Kotawaringin are still preserved as green areas and one of the lungs of the world in Indonesia.
The TNTP area with an area of ​​415,040 Ha is inhabited by about 38 species of mammals. Seven of them are well-known and protected primates such as orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus), proboscis monkeys (Nasalis larvatus), gibbons (Hylobates agilis), and sun bears (Helarctos malayanus). Large mammals such as sambar deer, deer (Muntiacus muntjak), mouse deer (Tragulus javanicus), and wild boar (Sus barbatus) can be found in this area. In fact, several types of aquatic mammals such as dugongs (Dugong dugong) and dolphins can be found in this area. Lumb is reported to have been seen in the waters around the TNTP area.
Tanjung Puting and several national parks in Kalimantan are the final places of reintroduction for the rehabilitation of wild animals, especially Orangutans. Once you arrive at Camp Leaky, some Orangutans will warmly welcome you, even though they now live in a dense forest but they are still tame to anyone. An unforgettable experience that you have never had.
Its natural characteristics are equatorial rainforest, soil fertility and has valuable mining materials. The flowing river presents a variety of lifestyles, a serene environment with multi species of trees and mangroves along the river bank while the trees glow at night covered by thousands of fireflies which are beautiful to look at.
Some attractions in Tanjung Puting:
  1. Camp Tanjung Harapan
  2. Camp Pondok Tanggui
  3. Camp Pondok Ambung
  4. Camp Leakey

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